Thank you so very much for your time, patience, and expertise, Ahriana.  It was so good to connect. I think you have one of the most grounded and soothing, wisdom imbued voices I have ever heard.

Asherah Allen- Acupuncturist, LMT, LCH

South Hadley, Massachusetts

Ahriana is so good at what she does, which by my witness has included teacher, student, ordaining minister, keeper of the seasons, ceremonial leader, and channel to goddess energy. In the past five years or so, she has blessed me, smudged me, ordained me, and most recently, croned me. Ahriana, you, your heart, and your work are a true blessing to the planet.

Sherry Dell, PhD, CN, Rev

Hood River, Oregon

Ahriana worked with me for a year and I was amazed at the growth she helped me experience. Her in-depth knowledge, spiritual aptitude and excellent communication skills challenged me to view the world in a way that has altered my life in an extremely positive fashion. I thank her for being a beautiful part of my life.

Sharon Meyer

Colorado Springs, CO

Attending any ceremony that Ahriana conducts is an honor because it is blessed with so much joy. There is an energy of unconditional love and total welcoming acceptance. The symbolism is deep, meaningful and sincere. I never miss an opportunity to be a part of community with Ahriana.

Mary Rose Lili'uokalani Love

Oahu, HI

Ahriana's ability to open avenues of clear communication is fantastic. Her compassion and clarity, combined with a deep inner wisdom and courage, help bring forth healing and growth, in a safe, supportive environment.

Abigail Spinner McBride

Las Vegas, NV

I am delighted to know and recommend Ahriana Platten as a woman who ministers to all with light and power. She walks and shares her knowledge and skills with a joyous and open heart.

Carol Lambert, Vision Song

Colorado Springs, CO

Ahriana has a unique ability to calm and comfort, all the while producing desired results under some very challenging circumstances. She always answers queries with positive, insightful answers that help each individual to better understand the forces at work in their lives and how to use those forces to move ahead in the world.

Niki De Soto

Huntsville, TX

Ahriana has been a very important aspect of my life for almost 20 years, in this lifetime anyway. Her soft voice, inner strength and deep beauty have nurtured me out of more unpleasant circumstances than I care to mention. Her ceremonies are not only dynamic, but euphoric. If she told me that with the help of 25 people they were going to move a mountain on Saturday, I would come just to see what would happen. I believe in her with all of my being, and I'm sure that once you meet her you will feel just the same.

Love and Light to you, Ahriana!

Laralee Wahrmund

San Antonio, Texas

I have never met someone as "humanitarian" as Dr Ahriana Platten. The grace and manner in which she conducts her commercial affairs is admirable!

Aleksandra Baranska

London, England