About Ahriana

Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten is an experiential theologian, business strategist, and master teacher, who has traveled the world and explored its cultural differences and human similarities. Raised in a Catholic household, she stretched beyond her religious roots to embrace indigenous tribal study, hermetic and pre-Christian European practices, and metaphysical Christianity. As a trained initiate in several ancient streams of mystic knowledge, Rev. Dr. Platten is an interfaith activist who believes there is value in all religious traditions and spiritual paths.  She has been ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries and serves as the lead minister at Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies.

In her role as minister, Rev. Dr. Platten speaks on a variety of subjects such as holistic living, ecospirituality, the sacred purpose of relationship, awakening the Divine within, and finding right livelihood in the 21st century. Her interactive workshops and life passage rituals provide a powerful balance of ceremonial experience combined with historic and scientific research and information. She has been featured as a  "Wisdom Keeper" in the international film and docu-series entitled "Time of the Sixth Sun," a program that has been translated in more than a dozen different languages in order to meet its global demand.

Deeply committed to interfaith education and dialogue, Rev. Dr. Platten serves as an Ambassador for the Parliament of the World's Religions, and, with a panel of clergy from various faiths, she writes for and coordinates the publication of "In Good Faith"- a weekly interfaith newspaper column offering expert opinions of a spiritual and personal nature. She hosts a weekly radio talk show and podcast of the same name.

In 2007, she founded the Colorado Ecospiritual Center. As a result of her work in the fields of ecospirituality and interfaith collaboration, she was invited to speak at the Gathering of Indigenous Elders in Nagpur, India, where she joined religious and tribal leaders from 250 countries. There, she spoke about sustainability, spiritual earth care, and the "common ground" shared by the global population. She has been a guest speaker at numerous universities including Colorado College, UCCS and Creighton University,  She  was a panelist and presenter for the American Dharma Conference, a featured presented at the Spiritfire Festival, and she founded and served as the Executive Director and lead instructor of the Colorado Interfaith Seminary from 2001 to 2012.

In her role as a business strategist, Rev. Dr. Platten began her career by opening her own marketing firm in 1988. After six successful years of work in the USA, she was invited to partner with a prestigious London-based company to form VitAlex International Marketing. In her twenty years as its president, she conducted market feasibility research and designed marketing strategies for multi-million dollar projects in the U.S., China, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Algeria, Vietnam, Maldives, Egypt, and Switzerland, among other countries. She retired in 2015 in order to give more time to her ministerial and interfaith efforts.

Passionately in love with her husband, children and grand-children, Rev. Dr. Platten loves to spend time with her family. Her leisure time is spent camping, reading, and relaxing with her sweetheart in their Rocky Mountain home. She has recently become quite fond of recreational kayaking and finds that time on the lake brings her closer to the Infinite Source of All Being.